Mondays at 9.30am

Mondays at 9.30am

Rebecca now runs a drop in class. All levels are welcome but space is limited so please call to book your place.

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Pregnancy Yoga

In addition to Rebecca's Hatha Flow classes she offers pre and postnatal yoga. If you are between 14 and 42 weeks Rebecca can offer a safe and nurturing approach to yoga.

Pregnancy yoga is a great means of preparing both mentally and physically for the unknown. It can help relieve pregnancy ailments such as lower back pain, swollen ankels, heartburn and insomnia. Additionally it can help soothe anxiety by encouraging mothers-to-be to feel empowered by greater knowledge and understanding of their bodies.

Classes focus on breath, relaxation and movement specifically designed for pregnancy; helping to promote vitality and well-being in both mother and child.

If you are interested in pregnancy or postnatal yoga please contact Rebecca for more information on classes.